Why is there an additional fee on my credit card statement?

Sometimes, after placing an order on The Moonlight Shop, you will find one or more small charges of less than $1.

This is an anti-fraud feature, which checks if the card is real, and is active. The charge, if any, is typically for $1 USD or less.

Regardless of whether or not the authorisation is accepted or declined, this amount is reversed immediately. 

The reversal can take 3-5 business days, however, since it's done within your credit card company's own network, it's typically much faster (sometimes you won't even see it on your statement).

If you don't see this charge returned to your account by the end of the term above, you'd need to speak directly with your card company for further assistance.

Please note that just because the bank approved an authorization charge does not guarantee approval of the purchase. You may need to specifically instruct your bank to allow charges to go through without any delay for these transactions to succeed.

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