I tried to place an order but I am getting an error message

When your payment doesn't go through, you should see an error message. What does that say? Usually one of two things happens when there is a problem with the payment:

1. The address doesn't match the one on your card:Our payment processors are very secure and even a small error in the name or address will return an error. If you are trying to send this to another address than your own (a gift for example), please uncheck the "Ship items to the above billing address" when entering your address.

2. There aren’t sufficient funds on your card:

If you don't have sufficient funds on your card, we cannot charge it.

3. The numbers don't match:

Please double check that all numbers entered match the ones on your card. Often we see typing errors in the dates and the ccv code.

Other solutions:

If you still cannot get our system to accept your card, you can select "Checkout With PayPal" on the "Your cart" page.That will take you directly to PayPal to complete you checkout (you don't need to have a PayPal account to complete your checkout).

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